T&D / Utilities

Power suppliers face rapid change adapting current business models to meet new power sources and market needs. At the same time, state-of-the-art system protection, monitoring, and control devices is paramount to managing potential risks to the grid.

AHV knows the value of keeping up with this change to provide optimal system reliability, competitive advantage and maximum return on investment.

Whether it’s small or large, from engineering services to full design/build, new or upgrade/retrofit, AHV can provide all of the resources and expertise needed to support your T&D project.


  • Air Insulated (AIS)
  • Gas Insulated (GIS)
  • Transmission Switching Stations
  • Transmission to Distribution Stations
  • Transmission to Generation Stations

Aerial and Underground Lines

  • All Aerial Line Configurations and Structure Types available, including:
    • Wood, Steel (pole or lattice), or Concrete Structures
    • Monopole, H-Frame, or 3-Pole Type Structures
  • All Underground Line Configurations available, including:
    • In Ductbank or Direct Buried
    • Solid Dielectric or Fluid (/ Gas) Filled

Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)

FACTS systems allow more efficient and smooth power transmission. In many cases, this can eliminate the need for additional transmission lines by allowing more power to be transmitted over existing lines. The main types of systems AHV provides are:

  • Shunt Compensation
    • Static VAR Compensation
    • StatCom
    • Simple Switched Capacitor Banks and Reactors
  • Series Compensation
    • Fixed Reactance
    • Thyristor Controlled Reactance

Smart Grid/Automation

Smart Grid refers to a series of solutions that allows more efficient use of our precious transmission and distribution resources, while maximizing the efficiency of generating, transmitting, distributing, and consuming electricity as well as optimizing the use of renewable generation technologies. Smart Grid Applications are quite simply intelligent integration of hardware and software components and systems to accomplish this goal.

As a Smart Grid solution, many large hardware suppliers recommend that their customers purchase large quantities of Smart Meters or other intelligent devices. However, unless these components are part of an integrated plan, the potential of these devices is never fully realized. AHV will work with you to develop, design, install, and commission the appropriate Smart Grid System to meet your needs.

System Protection

Protection is perhaps the most important element in transmission and distribution system operations. In many cases, system protection is the only thing preventing a localized line or substation problem from cascading into a catastrophic, multi-state power outage. The application, engineering, design, installation, and commissioning of these systems is a highly valued specialty. Each utility has a unique philosophy of how best to protect its system. AHV’s team understands the importance of developing a safe and reliable system with proper response in the event of a system irregularity. AHV will work with your team to understand your philosophy and requirements, then design and implement solutions suited to your custom needs.


  • Feasibility Studies and Cost Estimates
  • Risk Analyses
  • Route Selection
  • Conceptual Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Structure Analysis
  • Bills of Material
  • Permit Support
  • Environmental Impact Evaluations
  • Environmental Compliance Assessments