AHV professionals have comprehensive experience in all established and emerging renewable energy sources. One of our key value-adds is that we design and build transmission systems and substations for utilities. This provides a keen understanding of what the renewable facility is connecting to and what the utility needs, hence a more streamlined and less confrontational process interconnecting the facility to the grid.


  • Collection / Customer Owned Substations
  • Interconnect / Utility Owned Substations
    • Designed and built by the project owner, then turned over to the utility after project is constructed


  • Aerial or underground lines to connect collection (customer owned) substation to utility (interconnect) substation.

Collection Systems

  • Aerial or underground systems to connect the generators to the collection substation.

Reactive Power Compensation

Many renewable energy plants utilize generation technology that is unable to provide or absorb adequate reactive power to support low or high transmission system voltage. AHV will provide a reactive power compensation system to meet the requirements of the transmission system owner. This can be a total reactive power solution or a supplement to achieve generator reactive power compensation that is fully comply with project requirements.