Other Services

Having a capable partner work with your team on customized power solutions is a common goal for many innovative companies seeking to keep their costs in check. It is often a challenge to find the right partner with the range of capabilities to complement your team’s expertise—and available when you need them most.

With decades of experience, AHV provides a full spectrum of services.

Project Management

We adhere to industry standards and use the latest project management tools to provide:

  • Development of schedule
  • Project coordination
  • Timely communication
  • Tracking of all activities and progress
  • Risk management
  • QA/QC Control

Feasibility/Needs Analysis

We will help you understand the potential impact of a project on your company, customers and markets you serve.

Operations Support

AHV’s team members provide comprehensive technical skills to meet your unique project needs within your timeframe. On small to large projects, we will provide innovative solutions to address issues like grid voltage support, power factor correction and harmonic filtering, to name just a few.

Cost/Benefit Review

AHV delivers decades of experience and knowledgeable insight to help you identify project opportunities and understand total cost of ownership for more informed decision-making.

Revenue Optimization

Through the experience of our well-rounded team, AHV will help you focus on your project’s ROI. Our speed-to-market is second to none. Along the way, we’ll provide guidance that will maximize your financial results.

Grid Modernization

The need to upgrade aging infrastructure weighs heavily on today’s energy grid operators. Challenges include meeting increased energy needs, interconnecting with new energy sources, and meeting the new demand for plug-in vehicles. AHV will address these issues with the latest smart grid solutions to maximize efficient energy delivery.


From development and training to implementation and compliance, AHV provides comprehensive health and safety programs to meet the latest standards.