Generation Technology


Natural gas fired projects have unique technical requirements as they are often utilized for peaking power. This requires extensive monitoring, communications and control capabilities so grid operators can properly dispatch the plants. AHV has significant expertise in such grid operator communications systems. In many cases, these projects are constructed in populated and extremely space-constrained areas that require special compact designs. In addition, designs must consider needs for security and protection from vandalism. As an example, one inner-city project designed and constructed by the AHV team required a design to withstand rifle shots being taken at substation equipment. Our team has experience designing generation facilities from natural gas projects ranging from 20MW to 2000MW at voltages ranging from 34.5kV to 345kV.


Because coal generation and other solid fuel technologies typically require several hours to start up, these are normally base-loaded plants. Coal plants can be very large and interconnected to vital transmission corridors, thus the system protection component of the substations connecting the coal plants to the grid system can be of vital importance. Our team’s extensive experience with major transmission system protection systems is an invaluable asset on this type of project.


Like coal generation, nuclear facilities tend to be large, base-loaded plants and as such they are often connected to key transmission corridors. AHV has the ability to provide properly certified equipment and personnel to provide substations for facilities that meet US Nuclear Regulatory Commission requirements.