Industrial Power Systems

Many of today’s largest users of energy require reliable, high-quality power on demand to meet unique production needs. With our significant experience in petrochemical, nanotechnology, highly specialized manufacturing and other industrial applications, your AHV team members have the expertise to meet these challenges.


Substations for industrial facilities must meet the needs of the interconnecting utility as well as the industrial facility (including harsh / corrosive environments, severe space limitations, severe restrictions on power outages, and a large premium on reliability). AHV’s team has experience operating with both entities to successfully merge these requirements without compromising the needs of either party.

Transmission and Distribution

Many industrial facilities are large enough to require their own transmission and distribution systems. Industrial T&D systems all have site- and industry-specific requirements that drive the type of design. AHV has experience with a wide range of systems in the U.S. and throughout the world, including corrosive environments in chemical plants, oil and gas facilities in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Algeria, nanotechnology and computer chip manufacturing facilities, aluminum manufacturing facilities, and many others. This diverse experience allows the AHV team to work with you to determine the specialized needs of your project and develop a cost-effective and reliable solution.

Power System Monitoring and Control (SCADA)

Our team has significant experience in power system Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). We’ve worked with facilities to integrate power system SCADA with new or existing process control systems.

Power Quality

Many times, industrial processes create power quality issues such as system harmonics or poor power factor. The AHV team will work with the facility to study the nature of power quality issues, and implement a solution such as harmonic filtering, frequency conversion system, conventional power factor correction, or if need be a Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS).